The Good Times Are Coming


Performance at Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin - Galerie Nord Institue, in the context of the exhibition “Rita, sagen Sie jetzt etwas!“.
Oktober, 2012, Berlin.
Duration: 2 Hours.

The work was presented at the Kunstverein Tiergarten, in Berlin. I invited there members of the greek-german choir “Polyphonia”, based in Berlin, to do ensemble improvisations. The only direction I gave them, concerned the repetition of the following verse: ´The good times are coming, they will be coming real soon/ The good times are coming when they come I ll be there”.
For over two hours, the duration of the performance, the choir remained locked in the manager's office. To symbolically free access to that place, I removed all the doors along the way to the office and leaned them against the walls. The audience of the exhibition could hear the choir's singing echo in the corridors and out into the street, under the open windows of the office, and could vaguely make out silhouettes behind the closed glass door. The condition of the choir'
incarceration in counterpoint to their happy message, was decisive both for the process of improvisation and the listeners' perception of the message. After the night of the performance and for the duration of the exhibition, the choir singing was heard coming from the closed manager's office as a sound installation.

Musical score : Zarko Jovasevic
Participants: Members of greek-german choir: Polyphonia
Photos: Sibylle Hofter