On A Runway



HD Video, Sullivan Galleries, 2010, Chicago, IL
Duration: 4min and 34 sec

Tsampazi invited twelve participants to stand in a field in a horizontal line. Each holds a small mirror, reflecting the sunlight into the camera—creating a sense of code. The twelve walk towards the camera when the sun goes behind the clouds. The line breaks apart. The action took place in Northerly Island Park in Chicago, a place which was a single strip airport that operated from December 1948 until March 2003.

Directors of Photography: Yoni Goldstein and Tommy Heffron

Participants: Anthony Romero, Jillian Soto, Marisol Plard Narváez, Margeaux Temeltas, Kush Thompson, Jordan Scrivner, Justin Kreindler, Nancy Jill Tien, Georgia Wall, Chris Cuellar, Blake Heo, Katie Bateman, William Amaya Torres, Guillermo R. Gudino