IN OR OUT. A 25 Minute Activity With Children In Betty Rymer Gallery


Performance and video installation. Duration: 35 min and 4min and 35sec
Betty Rymer Gallery, December 2009, Chicago, IL.

Fourteen children entered the gallery space and spoke in unison the definition of the game. Then they started to play three different games: The wrong Telephone, the Zip, Zap, Zoom, and The Killer winks. For each game two children stepped out from the circle and invited the viewers to join them. The performance took place several times throughout the duration of the exhibition The Embedded Flaw in Betty Rymer Gallery

Photos by : Tommy Heffron and Emerson Granillo

Director of Photography
: Tommy Heffron

Ervin, Evelyn, Michelle, Isabel, Ann, James, Paola, Bryan, Chiane, Aaron, Engar, Jonathan, Cyrena, Henry

Special thanks : Kitty Conde and the Ravenswood Elementary School, Chicago, IL