I Got A Plan To Get Us Out Of Here

Personal Territories, OKK/raum 29, Berlin
Duration: 120 min

The performance took place in Berlin’s Wedding district. I asked from local residents to take part as households in the creation of a short musical composition. The outcome would be presented at their home, to an invited audience. An experienced vocalist was put up with each one of the three families for two weeks, with the intention of being guided by its members in creating a piece in common. The groups read F. Kafka’s novel “Metamorphosis” and studied the character of Gregor Samsa who gradually loses his place not only within society but within the family as well. Language which is gradually being replaced by sounds was given as an example of that composition. The title of the work, “I Got A Plan To Get Us Out Of Here” was given to the participants from the outset, to be used as a departure point. During the exhibition, the audience could wander through the open apartments and stay as long as they wished listening to these compositions.