I Am New Here

Public Intervention
Mythimna, GR
Duration: 7 days

The performance took place in the village of Mythimna on Lesvos, in the context of a collective workshop in public space, titled Apergias Ergon (The Labor of Work-Stop). I used the existing network of sound speakers which I found installed in the village as well as the network of the residents’ trust towards the administrative authorities.
Through speakers installed in the streets, the members of the community were receiving directly information, announcements and instructions by the mayor. I met the mayor personally and asked him to read out my phrases via live transmission, in regular intervals, for the duration of a week. I left the exact timing of the anouncements at his disposal. For the next ten days I remained on the island and was subject to the mayor’s unexpected interventions, as were the rest of the residents. One of those was the following: “ATTENTION! Emptiness between us!”